• State Criteria for Identifying Academically Gifted and Talented Students

    Lexington School District Four 

    Lexington School District Four identifies students for the academically gifted program “ACE” (serving grades 3 – 8) according to the South Carolina Department of Education program eligibility criteria.  Gifted and talented students are found within all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups.  Identification is a multi-step process, established by the South Carolina Department of Education.  All second grade students are tested with a nationally normed aptitude and achievement test in the fall.  Students in grades three through eight are screened based on any new data less than two years old.  Spring state assessment scores will be reviewed to see if further testing will qualify third through eighth graders for the GT program.  No private testing may be accepted for consideration, but may be used for referral purposes.  In order to qualify for placement in the academically gifted and talented program a student must meet the eligibility criteria (established by the state) in two of the following three dimensions.
  • State Identification Process

    The SC State-funded Academic Gifted and Talented Program requires the testing and screening of all 2nd grade students to identify those who qualify placement in the gifted program beginning the 3rd grade. Once a child qualifies for ACE they do not have to requalify in subsequent years.



    Parents of students who qualify for the program are notified by letter. Spring state assessment scores of students in grades 3 – 8 will be reviewed to see if further testing will qualify them for ACE. Additionally, parents, teachers, and students may nominate students in grade 3 – 8 for additional testing. Referral forms are available in school offices or the district website.