August 24 - Sample Notification Letters - Confirmed COVID Cases

  • As part of our reentry plan, the district has prepared standard letters to notify families of confirmed COVID-19 cases within the school setting.  In the event that your child is in contact with a confirmed case at school, these letters will describe the level of contact your child had with the confirmed case as well as steps to be taken by both the school and family.   

    Notification of COVID Case - No Close Contact:  This letter will notify parents that a case of COVID-19 was identified in your child’s classroom.  Your child may continue to attend school on-campus but should be closely monitored in accordance with DHEC guidelines through the provided date.

    Notification of COVID Case - Close Contact:  This letter will notify parents that your child has been in close contact to confirmed case of COVID-19. The CDC and DHEC define close contact as being within 6 feet of a confirmed case for more than 15 minutes.  Your child will be temporarily transitioned to full-time virtual instruction until the provided return date. 

    While these notifications provide specifics in the event of a confirmed case at school, families should continue to follow the Lexington 4 Illness Precautions for all students.  Please see the following link:

    Example letters are posted below.