October 20 - Transition to Four-Day Hybrid Schedule

  • Early Childhood, Primary, Elementary, Intermediate, and Freshman Academy Students

    Hybrid Instructional Program students attending the ECC, SPES, FMIS, and SHFA will transition to a four-day schedule on Monday, November 16.  Current hybrid students in these schools will receive on-campus instruction four-days a week, Monday through Thursday, with virtual instruction continuing on Fridays.   

    This applies ONLY to STUDENTS currently enrolled in the Hybrid Instructional Program, and not those students who chose the Virtual Instructional Program.  Grades K4 through 6 will continue to utilize the "family model" concept, keeping students within their homeroom "family", while they follow the new social distancing protocols that include plexiglass tri-fold shields for classroom instruction.  While Swansea High Freshman Academy students attend more classes, transitions will be limited and social distancing will remain in effect to reduce potential exposure.

     As always, masks will be mandatory during arrival and dismissal, and during hallway transitions. Masks will also be required inside the classroom along with the use of plexiglass to provide social distancing at less than 6 feet.   Students will have times during the day that will allow for "mask breaks" when 6 feet or more of social distancing can be guaranteed. Students will continue to eat lunch inside the classroom, to prevent large gatherings in our cafeterias.  All classrooms and buses will be disinfected daily following DHEC guidelines.

    Middle and High School Students

    Middle and high school students will remain on the A-B hybrid schedule, while plans are being developed for additional days of on-campus instruction.  Social distancing, as recommended by DHEC and the CDC, is more complicated at the middle and high school, due to larger class sizes and frequent transitions between classes.  When a decision is made, the transition will likely occur first on the middle school level, followed by the high school. As always, masks will be mandatory during arrival and dismissal, during all hallway transitions, and in the classroom where social distancing cannot be achieved. 

    Changes in DHEC Social Distancing Guidelines

    Updated guidance from DHEC on the use of plexiglass in schools states the following:

    In scenarios in which students are seated closer apart than six feet, the students are not considered close contacts when:

    1. appropriate plexiglass is utilized, and
    2. distance between students is at least three feet apart, and
    3. the students are wearing cloth face coverings or face masks that cover the nose and mouth (the plexiglass does not serve as a substitute to mask-wearing).

    In response to these new DHEC guidelines, the State Department of Education is providing schools with multi-sided plexiglass barriers that will be installed across the district. The district hopes these barriers provide more comfort for students, staff, parents and families as we transition to additional days of on-campus instruction.  The barriers WILL NOT take the place of masks, and while students will be given “mask breaks” to the extent possible, all students and staff will be required to wear face coverings at school and on district transportation.

    Virtual Instructional Program Students

    Students enrolled in the Virtual Instructional Program will continue on their current virtual schedule.

    This transition to a four-day schedule only impacts students currently enrolled in the Hybrid Instructional Program.

    Lexington Four’s Responsive Plan

    Please note that our responsive plan provides for transitions within the Hybrid Instructional Program in response to changes in DHEC guidelines, school-based conditions, and levels of community disease.