• Thanks to the efforts of our families, students, and staff members, Lexington School District Four has been able to maximize student learning opportunities and minimize the negative impacts of COVID-19 during the Fall Semester.

    This has been accomplished primarily through everyone’s adherence to our four key practices:

    1. Daily self-monitoring of health including temperature.
    2. Avoiding close contact by maintaining appropriate physical distancing.
    3. Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
    4. Cloth face coverings

    To maximize the likelihood of a healthy start to the Spring Semester, the district will begin January 2021 with a modified instructional schedule for on-campus students.  This modified schedule will provide an opportunity to identify and exclude cases prior to resuming on-campus instruction and facilitate additional social distancing for a time through additional A-B hybrid days. Protecting the school community through these measures will supplement our normal safety practices following the extended Winter Break.

    Please see the linked flyer for more details and a January calendar. 

Lexington Four Modified Instructional Schedule for January 2021