2019-2020 Topics

  • For the 2019-2020 school year, we will use the book, Parent Talk, by Chick Moorman to guide our workshops!



    September 16-20

    Keeping Up With Your Learner - How To Do School

    October 11

    Choices: “Choose. Decide. Pick”.

    November 18-22

    Response-ability“Check yourself.”

    January 13-17

    The Search for Solutions“Every problem has a solution.”

    February 14


    Intimacy“I love you.”

    March 23-27

    (Book Fair offered as well)

    Learned Helplessness:
    “That’s the fifth time I’ve had to speak to you about this.”

    April 20-24

    Reducing Conflict“I don’t like what I just heard. If you’re angry, tell me another way.”