Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Transportation Declaration?
         A Transportation Declaration must be completed for each student attending Lexington Four schools. Each student's parent or guardian must declare whether their child will be transported by personal car, day-care van, or ride a school bus. A specific address for bus pickup and drop off must be provided. It is important that a Transportation Declaration is completed with the Spring Registration Packet so accommodations can be made when school begins.

    Can I change my child’s transportation once I complete a Transportation Declaration?
         For safety reasons and overcrowding on buses, temporary transportation changes or requests to go to a different location cannot be accommodated.  If family circumstances change during the school year, which requires a permanent change for transportation, you must file a new Transportation Declaration.

         Transportation Declaration changes will not go into effect until 24 hours after the school office receives the form.  Transportation Declaration forms are available in the office of your child’s school.  This form must be updated annually or anytime your transportation needs a permanent change.

    How does the district decide where to place bus stops?
         Bus stops are established based on guidelines established by the South Carolina State Department of Transportation.  Below are the criteria for how bus stops are established:

         *    Bus stops are established at the beginning of each year by determining student addresses in the district.  Therefore, bus stops may change each year or during the school year.
         *    All bus stops must be at least .2 of a mile apart.  Students are assigned to a bus stop that is the closest to the address given on the Transportation Declaration.
         *    In order to establish a bus stop that is not on the main route, a student must live .3 of a mile or more from the intersection of the bus route. The road where the student resides must also meet state standards for school buses.  If the conditions stated above are not met, the student must meet the bus at a designated stop on the main route.  Questions concerning bus stop locations should be directed to the Lexington Four Transportation Office.

    When does my child need to be at the bus stop?
         Students need to arrive at their designated bus stop 10 minutes prior to their established pick up time. Weather conditions or mechanical issues may be causes for the bus to be delayed. Students need to be at the stop, and a safe distance from the road when the bus arrives.

    Who is responsible for my child while they are at the bus stop?
         On July 1, 2000, a proviso in the state Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2001 affirmed parental or guardian responsibility for the safety and conduct of children traveling between their home and school bus stop. A copy of the fiscal year 2005 parental responsibility proviso is provided below: 1.35. (SDE: Parent and Guardian Responsibility) To protect the unwarranted expenditure of funds provided in Part IA, Section 1, VII.C., the parents or guardians of a child being transported on a school bus are responsible for the safety and conduct of the child prior to the arrival of the school bus at the child’s designated school bus stop for pick up and transport to school, and after the school bus drops off the child and departs the child’s designated school bus stop when transporting the children from school. The state’s responsibility includes the arrival or departure of the school bus, which is defined as the time that the school bus assigned to the school bus stop activates the required pedestrian safety devices, stops and loads or unloads students, and until the school bus deactivates all pedestrian safety devices.

         We strongly encourage parental and adult supervision of students while they are awaiting or returning from their designated bus stop.

    What happens if the school has to release students earlier than the usual dismissal time?
         Situations will arise that warrant the early release of students from school. In cases of early release, the district will notify parents through the use of the district’s automated calling service, the district’s website, and local media outlets. Parents should make arrangements in advance with neighbors or other family members to pick up children from school early or meet them at their home when unexpected circumstances occur, such as, an early release from school when inclement weather occurs.

    What are students allowed to carry on the bus?
         Students may take book bags, small bags for students participating in sports, and band instruments. All items brought on the bus by a student must be placed in the student’s lap or on the floor between the student’s feet. No items can obstruct the aisle or the seat of another student. Any item that cannot meet the space limits above must be taken to school by the parent. Lexington District Four is not responsible for any personal items brought on the bus by students.

    What are the expectations for student behavior on the bus?
         The Lexington District Four Transportation system exists to provide safe and efficient transportation to and from each child’s educational learning environment.

         *   Every time a student violates a bus rule raises the chance a driver is distracted.
         *   Every time the driver is distracted raises the chance of an accident happening.
         *   Therefore, every time a student violates a bus rule directly raises the chance of a bus being in an accident.

         Drivers are responsible for student conduct on their bus.  The Student Transportation Code of Conduct, as well as, each school's Student Code of Conduct is in effect on the bus.  When necessary, the Transportation Supervisor or Administrator will conduct an investigation for violations of these rules that have occurred on the school bus. All student codes of conduct are in accordance with the Lexington School District Four Board Policy JICDA-R Code of Conduct.  Additional information on bus discipline is available on the district’s website under the Transportation link.