July 17 - Parent Choice Update

  • The goal of the Lexington School District Four administration is to return to five days a week on-campus instruction as soon as it is safe to do so. Since there are currently no medications to prevent or treat COVID19, the district must design daily operation plans to limit student and staff exposure to this disease. This includes following safety guidelines recommended by the SC Department of Education and SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to ensure student and staff safety to the extent possible.

    To maximize days of schooling under safe conditions, we have developed multiple operating stages among which we can smoothly transition dependent upon DHEC-issued community COVID19 spread ratings as well as the COVID19 case levels and exposure of students and staff.

    Of the following four operational hybrid stages, only three are currently possible based on current safety guidelines - Stage 1, 2, and 3.

    Stage 1: All Virtual ​​
    Stage 2: 1 Day Weekly Hybrid​​
    Stage 3: 2 Days Weekly A-B Hybrid​​
    Stage 4: 5 Days Weekly Hybrid​​

    Due to current social distance guidelines in schools and on district transportation, our highest possible hybrid opening stage is 2 Days Weekly A-B Hybrid (Stage 3).​   Parents have the option to allow their student to return to school under the Hybrid Program or may elect to apply to the district's full-time Virtual Instruction Program.  

    To help parents decide which program is best for their student, we have created a framework providing more information about both the full-time Virtual Instruction Program and the Hybrid Instruction Program.  The framework is attached above.

    Reminder - Parents who wish to apply for their child to enter the full-time Virtual Instruction Program should complete the application linked at https://www.lex4.org/virtual.  Applications are due July 21, 2020.