Aug 4 - Student Mask Requirements

  • State Superintendent of Education, Molly Spearman, announced that face masks will be required on district transportation and within all SC public school facilities for all students in 4K-Grade 12.   Schools are to follow guidelines established by the CDC when adhering to this requirement.   

    Face Mask Requirements

    • Masks should cover the face from above the nose to below the chin and fit snugly.
    • Masks may be reusable cloth masks, disposable masks, or gaiter masks. Bandanas and loose-fitting scarfs that can easily become undone should not be used.
    • All decorated masks must meet dress code requirements.

    Student-Specific Requirements 

    • All students will wear a mask at bus stops if waiting with individuals from other households.
    • All students will always wear a mask on district transportation.
    • All students will always wear a mask at school or on school grounds except in the following situations:
      • Eating breakfast or lunch 
      • Outside at recess 
      • During a defined mask break 
      • When instructed by school personnel

    Important Notes

    • Face shields may not be substituted for face masks. This is specifically stated in CDC guidance. 
    • Brief face masks breaks will be provided when appropriate during outside lunch or other opportunities where physical distancing of 6 feet or greater can be maintained. 
    • Students with special situations or specific health needs will be addressed individually.  Parents should contact their school to address their specific concerns. 
    • Future modifications of the district protocol may be required due to changes in CDC or state guidance.