• January 10, 2022 - Response Update (e-Learning)

    Our goal:  Maximize student learning time on-campus with appropriate safety protocols.

    Lexington Four is experiencing increased staff absences due to COVID-19.   At this time, we continue to monitor staff availability and make adjustments as necessary.   Should staff availability prohibit safe operation of school, we will transition groups to e-Learning with the goal of minimizing the impact to the smallest group of students for the shortest time possible.  

    Image of e-Learning Groups

    Groups of students will transition to e-Learning when: ​

    • required by DHEC guidance​; or
    • staff exclusions prohibit appropriate student supervision, services, or transportation​.

    ​Lexington 4 does not intend to transition to school-wide e-Learning except as a last resort.  

    If your child is impacted by a transition to e-Learning, assignments will be provided so that learning may continue at home.  We will make every effort to notify affected families as soon as possible.  Detailed e-Learning plans are provided with the notice of a transition to e-Learning.

    DHEC recommends the following practices to reduce the spread of COVID-19:​

    • Stay home when you are sick​
    • Get tested if you have COVID-related symptoms
    • Maintain social distancing​
    • Practice good hygiene​
      • Wash your hands frequently​
      • Cover coughs and sneezes​
    • Wear a mask inside school buildings and on the school bus