Lexington 4 First Steps Parenting Program


    The Lexington 4 First Steps Parenting Program "works collaboratively to ensure that all children start school ready to reach their highest potential with engaged support from their parents, caregivers and communities."

    Program Opportunities

    • Free Personalized visits - Visits take place in the home or virtually as we collaborate with parents to implement activites to meet the individual needs of the parent & child.
    • Free written information - Written information is provided about early learning to help answer any questions you may have about your child.
    • Free book - A free book is given at each visit to add to your home library.
    • Developmental screenings - Screenings are administered to help monitor your child's progress.
    • Parental Support - Support, enrichment & encouragement are provided for you & your child.
    • Group Connections - Group connections are held once a month at the ECC or in the community.



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    Program Staff

    Lyn Kinard
    Lead Parent Educator

    Katelyn Pinon
    Parent Educator

                Parents As Teachers