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    The purpose of the Transportation Department is to support the educational process by providing a safe and efficient system for transporting students. The Transportation Department takes pride in their quality of work and is responsible for:

    • Developing and executing Lexington Four’s transportation program
    • Daily transportation for students to and from school
    • Adherence to all federal and state transportation laws and policies
    • Student safety and management
    • Transportation for after-school programs and activities
    • Instructional field trips
    • Communication with students and parents
    • Being on-call for emergency responses

    In preparation for the new school year, the Transportation Department is working to identify students who have elected to ride the bus upon our return on Sept 8, 2020.  Parents who have requested their student to ride the bus through the District Parent Re-entry survey will be assigned a school bus based on Cohort assignments.  Once buses are assigned, you will be notified by phone call or email regarding your student's transportation information. 

    As additional students elect to ride the school bus, bus capacities will become limited.  In some cases, it may take up to fifteen work days to complete route adjustments before new students are allowed to ride.  All buses are capped at a two student per seat ratio, with the first row of seats not being utilized.  During any re-routing timeframe, parents are expected to provide transportation to and from school for their student(s).  If routing changes are completed sooner parents will be notified via email as to when their student(s) will be able to ride the bus.

    If we may assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact the Lexington Four Department of Transportation at (803) 490-7033.