• Monroe Pinckney was a leader, farmer, school principal, board trustee, and driving force in the Swansea community. He was instrumental in the hiring of African American teachers for the segregated school system of Lexington County School District 37. In 1935 he helped secure land for a new and larger school, at that time named Swansea Colored School. In 1953 a new school was built, and in 1955 it was renamed in his honor. The Monroe Pinckney Building is now home to Lexington Four’s administrative offices. 

    In July 2021, the Lexington School District Four Board of Trustees paid tribute to Mr. Pinckney with the unveiling of his portrait, which is located in the building bearing his name.

  • Monroe Pinckney Teachers' Hall of Fame

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    Monroe Pinckney Class Monroe Pinckney 1963 Monroe Pinckney Class 1964 Monroe Pinckney Basketball Monroe Pinckney Basketball 1964 Monroe Pinckney Young Ladies Monroe Pinckney 1964 Monroe Pinckney 1964 Prom Monroe Pinckney Young Children

    /Monroe Pinckney class photo

    Monroe Pinckney 1963

    Monroe Pinckney 1964

    Monroe Pinckney Basketball

    Monroe Pinckney 1964 Basketball

    Monroe Pinckney 1964 young ladies

    Monroe Pinckney 1964-young ladies

    Monroe Pinckney 1964 Prom

    Monroe Pinckney Young Children