Returning Student Registration for Upcoming Year - 2021-2022

  • Paper Packets

    Paper packets will be provided upon request.   Please contact your child’s current school with your request 


    School and course fees will be billed in September via our new online fee system.  

    Proof of Residency 

    One item must be provided from each category below. 

     Category A 

    1. Real Estate Tax Receipt
      2. Mortgage Statement/Receipt
      3. Rental/Lease Agreement 
      4. Affidavit in Lieu of Lease/Rental Agreement 

    Category B 

    1. Cable Television Bill
      2. (Land) Telephone Bill
      3. Electric/Gas Bill 
      4. Water/Sewer Bill 
      5. House Insurance Bill 
      6. Bank Statement 
      7. Medicaid Information 

    Proof of Residence Form (Additional Information)

    Proof of Residence Form (Spanish)