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Hybrid Schedule Information


At this time, Hybrid students attend a 4 Day Weekly Mode.   All Hybrid students will attend face-to-face school Monday to Thursday. Hybrid students will engage in eLearning on days they do not attend face-to-face school. Hybrid Students will begin this 4 day schedule on November 16th  Parents will not be allowed to walk students to the classroom, due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.  Lexington District 4 will continue to monitor the Covid impact and monitor and adjust in accordance with DHEC and CDC guidelines. 


Start Time 8:20

Student Arrival begins at 7:30 am

Dismissal Time 3:20 pm


Group A & B  -Cohort Students 

Monday - Thursday

First day of 4 day hybrid:  November 16th


Group A -Cohort Students 

Monday & Wednesday

First Required Day of School:  Monday, August 17

July 28th Letter to Families (Group A)


Group B- Cohort Students

Tuesday and Thursday    

First Required Day of School:  Tuesday, August 18 

July 28th Letter to Families (Group B)