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Carolina Mendez-Cruz Volunteers 39 Hours at LMC

Carolina Mendez-Cruz completed 39 hours of volunteer work at Lexington Medical Center through the Junior Volunteer Program, a summer program for young students who are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare profession. The program is a great way to introduce students to a variety of healthcare careers.

Carolina primarily volunteered in Central Supply, so she delivered medical supplies to different departments in the hospital.  Carolina reflects that her experience taught her time management skills, communication skills, and integrity.  This role also showed her how to help others. This experience was especially beneficial, as Carolina has a career goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.

The Junior Volunteer Program information comes out during the spring usually around March, and Ms. Kelly Hartley presented the opportunity to all of her Health Science students. To participate students have to be between ages 14-17 and commit to volunteering for eight weeks during the summer. The students’ primary role is assisting the hospital professional staff, and LMC strives to make them feel special and a part of the hospital team as they share in the privileges and responsibilities of the LMC family.