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The Power of Words

English classes at Swansea High Freshman Academy explored the idea of how one uses words to empower or belittle others.  Throughout the unit, students were asked to reflect on the questions:  Who are we? and Where do we belong?

With those questions in mind and the reality that words indeed have a powerful effect on others, students created children’s books.  Approximately, 120 students visited the Early Childhood Center (ECC) to share their stories with the 3-5K students.  Madison Meek commented, “I liked seeing their reaction to something I worked so hard on.”  

When creating projects that have authentic audiences, one of the points is that students are able to interact with others and learn from them.  With this project, the ECC students were able to practice listening and reading skills while learning valuable lessons while the SHFA students were able to come back with new understandings of their own.  Cottia Taylor said, “It was really cool to be able to create a book from start to finish and then see how the little kids responded to hearing our story.  They really liked what we created and gave us great feedback.  It was interesting to see how much we have grown up.”