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Agricultural Students Prepare for Spring Plant Sale

SHS students enrolled in Agricultural Education classes have been hard at work the past few weeks prepping the greenhouse for their annual FFA plant sale. This has allowed students to get out of the classroom and do hands on work in the greenhouse by transplanting over 2,800 plugs as they were delivered from their plant supplier. Students also helped to disassemble parts of the Aquaponics system and do the annual cleaning prior to the start of a new growing season. This opportunity gave students more of an agricultural mechanic experience and provided the chance to think critically, collaborate and communicate with their peers as well fix the problems they encountered. Agricultural education teacher and FFA advisor, Desiree Still said, “These are the lessons that students will not learn in a book and that is why I love getting students out of the classroom doing hands on work. If we’re preparing students for the real world after high school then we need to equip them with the skills needed to think critically, communicate, collaborate, and be innovative in all that they do. We are responsible for this through the experiences they get during the school day in our classrooms, shops, and labs.” Students will check on the plants daily, transplant them into bigger containers and pots as needed, and continue to study the effects of water, light, and temperature on plants as well as sustainability practices and alternate methods, such as Aquaponics, to get their food. Plants should be ready toward the middle of April to purchase and SHS FFA will advertise the days and time of their plant sale for the community.