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Senior Welding Students Leave Lasting Mark at Swansea High School

Blake Simmons, Jake McGuire, Dalton Jayco, Nathan Manuel, Tyler Westbrook, Jason Bacon and Sebastian Synder (not pictured) are the senior welding students that designed and built this structure as their senior class project. Each student chose an individual senior project to work on while also working on this structure. The 4’x4’ structure stands 15 feet high and is mounted into the concrete behind the welding shop. The senior class plans to paint the structure purple with gold trim down the front to promote school pride. Senior Blake Simmons said, “This project allowed me time to reflect on the past 3 years of training and developing skills needed to be a successful welder.” Jake McGuire said,” This was 3 years of hard work that payed off in one project.”

This structure will not only aid in storage of scrap metal but will also be a crucial instructional aid for students that will participate in the forklift certification process. During the forklift certification process students will have to raise the forks, place the forks under the purple metal bin, back out, and then lower the forks before relocating the bin to another part of the course. This will provide an opportunity for students to get a real life experience of requirements and skills needed on the jobsite while operating a forklift. “It’s nice to know that the class of 2020 helped to build something that will help educate others in the welding program and those who go through the forklift certification process. They have truly left their mark here at SHS,” said Jamie Poole, SHS Welding Instructor.

We appreciate all the hard work, heart, dedication, and sweat that Mr. Poole has poured into this program and into his students. We expect great things from them in the future and know they have left their mark on SHS and the welding program in more ways than one.

Picture 1 L to R: Tyler Westbrook, Nathan Manuel, Dalton Jayco, Blake Simmons, Jake McGuire, Jason Bacon, and Sebastian Synder (not pictured).