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Welcome to ESOL - English as a Second Language

Welcome to ESOL: English as a second language

In order to understand the culture of the students in this class, Ms. Rasa Humphries, Instructor, did a project which let them talk about their culture and what makes them unique. During this lesson, they talked about how their differences made them special. Learning another language is not easy. In order to facilitate the process in this lesson, they talked about where they were from and shared information about their countries. The objective of this lesson was for students to be able to identify and share personal information and to be able to form simple questions regarding personal information (where are you from, how old are you, etc.) Students asked each other questions which helped them organize their ideas. This also prepared them for the writing portion of the task when they wrote about their country and what they liked to do. Students then presented their posters to the group.

Student with yellow poster: Ricardo Benitez Caballero
Student with the orange poster: Cesar Padilla Perdomo
Student with the red poster: Christopher Fuentes Machado
Student with the pink poster: Lesy Melendez Lopez
Student with the white poster: Angie Vasquez Lopez