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Tiger Nation Rising Up Higher


In her second year as the proud leader of Swansea High School, Prinicpal, Dr. Marcia Seawright is on a mission to RISE UP HIGHER! Coming into the 2021-2022 school year, Dr. Seawright highlights how proud she is of the resilience and determination shown by our Swansea students during the last school year; in the current school year, she seeks to challenge and inspire the students, to rise up even higher.

Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic presented many challenges, but our detrmined principal urged Swansea tigers to rise up, and they did! Dr. Seawright notes, “Our students responded very well to adversity; they did not lose focus of their why. Their sense of tiger pride did not leave them.”  Indeed, last school year saw many adjustments as changes were continuously made in efforts to maximize student learning and ensure student achievement, while still maintaining safety and preventing the spread of Covid-19. Swansea students began the school year on a two-day A/B Hybrid schedule, transitioned to a four day schedule, then later endured yet another change and moved to a five day schedule. In addition, for the entire year, all meals were eaten in classrooms, students were not allowed to gather and hang out with friends, and everyone was required to wear a mask at school. Even though these safety precautions were necessary, they definitely impacted students’ school experiences, and at times the new norms were even difficult to accept. But, our fighting tigers persevered; they adhered to the safety protocols, played sports, participated in leadership opportnuities, such as the Josten’s Rennaissance Virtual Conference and the Stewart Standouts Leadership Series, and worked hard to meet passing standards in academic courses. As noted by Dr. Seawright, during a tough year, many of our students kept their eyes on the prize and experienced a lot of success; Swansea High School hosted several celebrations including perfect attendance recognitions, honors and awards ceremonies, and senior awards night to recognize students’ stellar academic and athletic performances throughout the year. Reaching the ultimate goal, 186 students graduated from Swansea High School; the Class of 2021 did not give up.

Yes, last year, Swansea students answered the call to RISE UP, this year, the challenge is for them to RISE UP HIGHER! Swansea High School continues to focus on student learning, and cultivating a school culture and climate that is safe, positive, nurturing, and maintains high expectations for all. From students, to parents, to the greater community, it takes all our efforts to realize positive student outcomes. In addition, Covid-19 is by no means a thing of the past, so this school year tiger nation will continue to implement practices and protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Practices such as social distancing, frequent handwashing, sanitizing students hands at the beginning of each class period, directional hallways, and staggered dismissals are just some of the changes that are in effect as the show must go on. “We’re doing school in a different way,” Dr. Seawright shares; however, safety and student achievement are priorities. Courses offered at Swansea High School are taught according to standards aligned curriculum; teachers are kept abreast of and implement best practices for instruction, and there is a continued effort to build strong partnerships with the community. While a lot has changed due to the pandemic and many difficulties still exist, led by Dr. Marcia Seawright, Swansea Tigers will rise up higher.