Lexington Four Home-School Compact

As Title I schools, the Lexington Four Early Childhood Center and Sandhills Primary will continue to be hard at work boosting student achievement.  This is a shared responsibility between home and school.  Below you will find a Home-School Compact.  We encourage parents/guardians to read and discuss it with their children.  We would also like your input on the compact.  Does it cover everything you think it should?  Please send any comments and/or suggestions to Leslie Hightower at the contact information listed below.  You may also send comments and/or suggestions to your child’s principal.

For more information, please contact: 
Leslie Hightower
Federal & State Programs Director
Email Leslie Hightower  
803-490-7000, ext. 10015

2023-2024 Lexington Four ECC and Sandhills Primary Home-School Compact

Student Achievement is a shared responsibility among the school, parents, and students.  A strong partnership must exist in order to achieve and maintain high standards for learning.  Therefore, we will share the following responsibilities:

As the principal, I will:

  • Ensure that parents receive frequent reports on their child’s progress

  • Provide ample opportunity for parent-teacher conferences

  • Provide opportunities for parents to meet with teachers, visit and observe in classrooms, and volunteer

  • Provide ongoing and consistent communication with all parents on student progress, school programs, state mandates, etc.

  • Provide a safe and productive learning environment for all students

  • Set high expectations for all students

  • Provide the framework for high quality curriculum and instruction

  • Enforce school rules fairly and consistently

  • Seek parent participation in decisions pertaining to school programs and governance and encourage parents to share opinions

As the teacher, I will:

  • Set aside time to meet with parents to discuss their child’s school progress, interests, and goals for the future

  • Set high expectations for all students

  • Respect cultural differences

  • Communicate with parents in a consistent and ongoing basis

  • Provide individualized instruction that recognizes learning styles and meets individual needs

  • Provide a positive classroom environment conducive to learning

  • Invite parents to spend time in the classroom

As a parent, I will:

  • Establish a home learning environment that sets routines for study time, bedtime, and other daily activities

  • Make sure my child is sent to school on time and ready to learn

  • Monitor my child’s television viewing

  • Read to or with my child everyday

  • Communicate with my child’s school

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences, workshops, and other school meetings

  • Review all assessment results with my child

  • Volunteer when possible

  • Encourage my child to LEAD, LEARN, SERVE, and EXCEL

As a student, I will:

  • Set high expectations for myself

  • Come to school prepared and ready to learn

  • Do my best work

  • Demonstrate the school motto of LEAD, LEARN, SERVE, and EXCEL