Memorials serve an important function in the grieving and healing process. They recognize and honor the deceased, the survivors, and the community members who supported them. In establishing these guidelines, it is the board’s intent to ensure memorials are meaningful, equitable, centrally located, protected, and life-affirming.

These guidelines establish a precedent for honoring the memory of a student or staff member whose life ends during his/her years in the district. 

General Statement of Guidelines

•    Memorials are intended for deceased students or staff and are limited to district specified objects and locations. 

•    Objects include, but are not limited to: engraved name plates, hard surface engravings, engraved plaques or engraved bricks. 

•    All memorials will be permanent and will be located in the designated location on district property established for this purpose.

•    To respect the privacy and wishes of families, it will be the responsibility of the family or a family representative to initiate the memorial process.

•    Scholarship and endowment memorials may be established either as one-time or perpetual awards.  The district will assist the family in providing a description of the purpose of the endowment or scholarship. The school district reserves the right to accept or decline permanent memorials.

•    Students or staff members whose life ended during their years in the district prior to the initial adoption of this policy will be included at the request of the family or family representative.

To submit a memorial request for review, please complete this form.