Lexington Four Volunteer Program

Lexington Four offers a variety of opportunities for volunteer work throughout the school year. We appreciate community interest in sharing time and talents in our schools!  Volunteers are a vital part of the educational system and make a difference for students.

Volunteer opportunities are divided into two levels.

A Level 1 Volunteer is an individual whose contact with students is supervised by school personnel at all times, typically in public settings and classrooms.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Classroom tutor

  • Test monitor

  • Homeroom parent or class assistant

  • Lunch buddy, playground, computer or media assistant

  • Volunteer assistant in after-school programs

  • School office volunteer

  • Room Parent

A Level 2 Volunteer is an individual who works with students in settings that might not always be supervised by school personnel.

Level 2 volunteers will likely have direct and unsupervised interactions with students however, the district states that no volunteer should ever place themselves in a situation where they are alone with an individual student.  

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • On-site tutoring outside of the classroom

  • Chaperones for school field trips, sporting events

  • Athletic coaching assistants

  • Mentors

Background checks are required for all volunteers prior to service at any of our schools. A National Sex Offender Registry Check as well as a criminal background screening is required.

Background checks are available at no cost to volunteers. 

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