The objective of the Student Services Department is to provide comprehensive services and support for the successful progression of our students, aligned to the district’s vision of preparing all students to be college, career, and community ready upon graduation. 

The Student Services Department will provide a student-centered focus, based on providing excellent customer service while serving and supporting all stakeholders. Each team member actively contributes to the achievement of the department's objective and organizational goals. Our department is solution-focused, ensuring communication is maintained among all team members.  We collectively embrace the belief that personal accountability is necessary for a successful team to deliver high-quality performance. 

Medical Homebound

Medical homebound instruction is provided for both nondisabled and disabled students who cannot attend school for a medical reason—a mental or physical condition that exists due to an accident, an illness, or pregnancy—even when transportation is furnished. A licensed physician must certify that such a medical condition exists and must complete the medical homebound application that the local school district provides. The intent of medical homebound instruction is to keep such a student connected to his or her regular curriculum until the time when his or her return to the classroom setting is possible. 

Lexington Four Medical Homebound Policy and Procedures 08-01-23

Medical Homebound Instruction 2013