Alternative & Virtual Education


The Lexington 4 Alternative Education Program strives to re-engage, graduate, and prepare students for college, career and academic success in a safe and supportive environment. We intend to offer our community a creative and collaborative educational alternative that cultivates authentic, balanced critical thinkers who are prepared for a life of learning and community engagement. By addressing the emotional, behavioral, physical, and social growth of every student we are able to provide students with the academic and behavioral skills to become successful throughout their educational careers and return to their home schools.

Students in the Alternative setting are referred in one of 3 ways: as the result of a district level disciplinary hearing, through an IEP team decision, or by request of the family. Generally, students referred have a specific timeline for attendance in the Alternative Program. This can range from 4.5 weeks (interim to interim) all the way up to the end of the school year. Through daily monitoring of student progress we maintain an accurate measure of student success in the areas of academics, attendance and behavior. 

The Alternative setting serves students in grades 5 through 12.  The majority of the curriculum that students access in the Alternative setting is provided virtually through our partnership with the State Department of Education, VirtualSC. This curriculum provides students with a rigorous, standards-based learning opportunity that is supported by both home-school teachers and Alternative setting staff.